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Awesomenovel – Chapter 861 – Teasing Xiao Rong’s Rear End time measly read-p1
Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 861 – Teasing Xiao Rong’s Rear End hour general
“Un…” She nodded silently.
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The prompt the Yang Qi gotten to her tummy, it is going to escape into religious power and boost Xiao Rong’s spiritual power.
Consequently, Su Yang commenced thrusting her small b.u.t.thole in reference to his finger.
Su Yang firmly retained onto her tiny h.i.p.s and started out transferring his h.i.p.s, thrusting his tough rod inside and outside of her b.u.t.t.
When his rod was dripping damp, Su Yang pushed the strategy of his rod inside Xiao Rong’s small
“Mmm!” Xiao Rong could sense her b.u.t.thole getting pass on vast open up by Su Yang’s wide rod.
Su Yang firmly performed onto her modest h.i.p.s and commenced relocating their own h.i.p.s, thrusting his stiff rod inside and outside of her
Soon after teasing Xiao Rong’s b.u.t.thole for several a matter of minutes, Su Yang quit and requested her, “Want to sense it even more?”
Not surprisingly, Su Yang didn’t fail to remember to collect Xiao Rong’s Yin Qi, and he would remove and replace the container between her thighs whenever it acquired complete for a fresh one.
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Section 861 – Teasing Xiao Rong’s Back end Ending
Xiao Rong commenced m.o.a.ning inside of a soft tone of voice.
Even if she was within the Ancient World, she was still ready to see the ache of her simply being distributed apart the first time.
“Master… Practice it again…” Xiao Rong suddenly believed to him.
Hearing his words, Xiao Rong immediately switched about and exposed her oral cavity, covering all around Su Yang’s rod a second later on.
It could be a waste materials to adopt Xiao Rong’s maiden standing as he cannot soak up her 100 % pure Yin Basis, so he could only you should her through the back conclude rather than the entry, kind of like Qiuyue’s situation.
“Sorry, Master…” Xiao Rong eventually started to be more enjoyable as she acquired accustomed to the impression of Su Yang’s rod transferring inside her entire body.
“She’s like an almost endless method of obtaining Yin Qi… Only if I could truthfully process them…” Su Yang sighed as he placed the containers of Yin Qi that numbered in the a large number.
Xiao Rong’s cave immediately commenced drooling with Yin Qi.
Xiao Rong commenced m.o.a.ning in a mild tone of voice.
Xiao Rong started m.o.a.ning within a soft tone of voice.
Even when Xiao Rong couldn’t comprehend it, her entire body was trustworthy and reacted to Su Yang’s finger obviously.
“She’s just like an never-ending method of obtaining Yin Qi… If only I could absorb them…” Su Yang sighed because he placed the bottles of Yin Qi that numbered within the thousands.
Hence, Su Yang started thrusting her thin regarding his finger.
“This response… I think your body loves it, Xiao Rong.” Su Yang chuckled immediately after finding this.
A number of seconds in the future, when his whole finger was inside her, Su Yang required her, “How will you feel, Xiao Rong?”
Chapter 861 – Teasing Xiao Rong’s Back end Ending
However, considering that Su Yang’s farming bottom was too insignificant, his Yang Qi barely affected Xiao Rong’s cultivation— in the event it infected her at all.
“Then let’s try out switching it all around.”
Certainly, in Xiao Rong’s eyes, who reached eat his Yang Qi to obtain a thirty days upright prior to, an individual working day of farming was incredibly limited, and she had not been satisfied in anyway.
The prompt the Yang Qi reached her abdomen, it is going to disappear into psychic vigor and replenish Xiao Rong’s psychic power.
Thereby, Su Yang set about thrusting her small with his finger.
“Master… Undertake it again…” Xiao Rong suddenly thought to him.
“Loosen up your entire body, Xiao Rong.” Su Yang directed her as he licked his finger moist.
Xiao Rong’s b.u.t.t was extremely tight— among the tightest pockets he has skilled due to the fact his reincarnation, but which was to always be envisioned from anyone with your a family pet.i.te physique.
Xiao Rong’s cave immediately started out drooling with Yin Qi.

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